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So, now that I've been playing a lot of pvp, I am starting to find my in the occasional position of being out of place and about to go down with no hope of healing. In these situations, I really want to hand out the most hurt before I have to cool off in the med center. As I'm playing a bounty hunter, I normally can switch over to blow everything mode and max my heat out before I go down, but I can't seem to tell if my Explosive dart is sticking around after me or not. I know the rest of my abilities that have already resolved do (for example: If I light someone on fire, the effect resolves as normal regardless of my status). On a related note, do you earn damage points for stuff that resolves while you are dead, or do you lose those few ticks?

As applies to warzones, please!

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yes, DoTs become effects on the target, so when you die they remain.

Haven't you died in PvE after you kill a mob but the DoT kills you? same thing in PvP.

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I know about the dots, I'm talking about the effects that haven't actually resolved by the time you die, like explosive darts on the bounty hunter. – user4139 Feb 14 '12 at 3:04
same thing, everything turns into an effect on the target, not on the origin. That's different than, say, a channeled attack, that only works as long as the caster is holding the attack. Those do disappear when the caster dies. – Rodolfo Feb 14 '12 at 14:49

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