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If I am trying to level a Pokemon (Munna, for example), so I wander around and battle lots of wild Pokemon, and then I decide to catch one of these wild Pokemon (because I don't have it yet), will my Munna (or whoever I was using during that battle) still get experience points (EXP) for that battle? Or do you only get EXP if you actually make the Pokemon faint?

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In Pokemon Generations 1-5 you do not gain experience from catching, however in Pokemon Generations 6+ (X and Y, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire), You do indeed gain Exp From catching Pokemon

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No, you only get experience points for opposing Pokemon that faint in battle.

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In the 6th Generation of games (X/Y and ORAS), you do gain a (smaller) amount of experience from catching.

In Generation VI, experience can also be obtained after catching a wild Pokémon.

- Bulbapedia

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Your Pokemon get experience only if you defeat the wild Pokemon or a trainer's Pokemon.

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