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My most common strategy in previous Soul Calibur games was to knock my opponent over the side of the stage. I've missed a few editions of the game though (I think the last one I played was Soul Calibur 2), so I'm unfamiliar with most of the characters.

Which character or characters has the largest arsenal of attacks that inflict [substantial] knockback on an opponent?

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I suspect it's still asteroth and to a lesser extent nightmare.

Asteroth's shoulder ram 66K is still a great way to get your opponent's near the edge.

Almost all of nightmare's B moves have a good amount of push back. His double punch 4B,B moves both characters forward a good amount. A few of these when blocked will have your opponent next to the edge in the smallest arenas.

Note: be careful of just guard. Powerful moves meant to knock your enemies back are especially vulnerable to this new feature.

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While I agree with you, I suggest elaborating further (perhaps mentioning specific moves) that would help out GnomeSlice more. – Kotsu Feb 15 '12 at 18:40

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