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So I asked this question about Braid on PC/PS3 a while back, and one of the answers pointed me to the MotionInJoy drivers that allows PS3 controllers to be used on a PC. I've installed them properly and have used my DualShock 3 in a few games, but I can't figure out how to enable it when I'm playing Braid!

There doesn't seem to be any menu item to select an input type, which begs the question - is Braid not detecting my controller for some reason, or does Braid simply not allow you to use anything but the keyboard for input?

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Braid is described on Steam as having support for the Xbox 360 controller, which MotionJoy is able to emulate. Try using that.

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You could try JoyToKey and map keypresses to your PS3 gamepad. I never played Braid so I don't know much about its input support.

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I own Logitech F710 which has a switch between DirectInput and XInput:

enter image description here

Setting it to XInput resolved that problem, thanks @kotekzot

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