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I'm using MineColony to get some useful NPCs. When they first spawned, their bars overhead all said 20 hp, but now, most are down to 10 hp or less.

I don't want my workers to die. How can I get their health back up?

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Just throw splash potions of instant health, that should do the trick.

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Currently the only NPCs that heal in the mod are Guards, who heal themselves by eating food.

Employing guards should keep hostile mobs off your other villagers, so that they shouldn't need healing anyway!

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Um, according to the wiki, guards aren't implemented yet. Is this wrong? But regardless of whether guards are here or not, it's still impossible to heal anyone else? –  John the Green Feb 17 '12 at 18:42
@JohntheGreen As far as I can tell, yes. –  fredley Feb 17 '12 at 19:37
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As of the previous snapshot, 12w08, a new utility mob has been added, the Iron Golem, which has 50 hearts of health and can deal massive amounts of damage to all mobs (except for creepers). This is taken from the wiki.

Spawning below:

Iron Golems can spawn naturally in villages, or be built with blocks, similar to a Snow Golem. It takes 4 Blocks of Iron to build an Iron Golem, which is equivalent to 36 Iron Ingots. Iron Golems always spawn facing south.

Manual Spawning

I I I 

P = pumpkin I = iron blocks (36 ingots)

Behavior below:

Iron Golems roam villages, moving slowly, and are passive. When provoked, Iron Golems will move faster toward their target and swing their arms violently at their target (their damage ranges from 4 hearts to 10 hearts). They will attack Endermen, zombie pigmen, blazes, silverfish, skeletons, spiders, cave spiders and zombies if any of them are within its sight. They will also attack the player if the player attacks them first or if the player attacks a nearby villager. The Iron Golem does not have to see the player attack a villager but if a player does and later moves into the Golem's line of sight then the Golem will attack the player. They do not despawn if switched to peaceful and will continue to attack the player. Golems do not attack creepers (maybe because they would explode when it attacks them, destroying the village over time) or slimes/magma cubes (Bug?) If an Iron Golem accidentally hits another Iron Golem, it does not damage it, nor does it provoke the other Iron Golem to attack it. Upon death, Iron Golems drop three to five Iron ingots, and sometimes one or two roses. If an Iron Golem is killed that belonged to a village, it will eventually respawn. Iron Golems take damage from lava, fire and drowning. They do not take fall damage. Iron Golems will sometimes pick up roses and offer them to villagers.


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Even though this isn't part of the mod, and the snapshot is incompatible with it, when 1.2 releases, it should be an excellent way to help out. I'm sorry if this didn't really help. –  DISREGARD MODS ACQUIRE REP Feb 23 '12 at 19:19
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I found this from one of the developers:

Regarding regen health.. I thought they healed themselves for 5 hp each night... If you always skip the night cycle though you will miss this

Considering I like to sleep a lot in the early game, this is probably my problem.

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