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I've managed to get to about level 30 in Kingdoms of Amalur without ever bumping into the mage faction quest line, though I've seen mention elsewhere that such a thing exists.

Where do I need to go and who do I need to talk to for this quest chain to begin?

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You can join the Mage Faction, the Scholia Arcana, in the city of Ysa, which you go to for an early part of the Main Quest.

You're looking for a building on the south-east-ish edge of the city. It's across from one of the buildings with a trainer in it (in this case, sagecrafting).

Do note that there's another Sagecrafting trainer wandering around Ysa - ignore him, you want to find the building with the stationary trainer.

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Specifically, you must speak to Docent Augra Tenet in the Scholia Arcana Embassy building in Ysa to begin the quest "Trial by Fire." – agent86 Feb 18 '12 at 4:05

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