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In Final Fantasy 13-2, when you choose to upgrade the number of ATB slots you have, does this have any affect on the charge time? Does it remain constant(resulting in a longer amount of time to load the full bar) or does it increase at all?

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From some experimenting i did myself a atb bar with 3 slots takes about 4.3 ~ 4.4 seconds to charge. increasing the amount of gauges incread the times a little but not by a significant amount +- 0.2 seconds.

Here's a table of my findings

Atb slots | Recharge Time                    
3         |   4.3 ~ 4.4 seconds
4         |   4.5 ~ 4.6 seconds
5         |   4.7 ~ 4.8 seconds
6         |   4.8 ~ 4.9 seconds

To answer your questions:

Yes upgrading the number of ATB slots does increase charge time. But at 6 charges you pretty much have an efficiency of around 180% compared to the charge speed at 3 slots

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if anyone could confirm my findings that would be nice i took these with a stopwatch over the course of playing seeing i had a similar question while playing ffxiii and decided to keep track this time – Serge Bekenkamp Feb 17 '12 at 20:23
I believe this is exactly how the first game worked, as well. It takes a bit longer to fill the bar completely, but it's still quick enough that you're getting way more actions off in the same amount of time. – Shinrai Feb 20 '12 at 15:42

to confirm, here are my recharge averages:

ATB level | full recharge | recharge per bar

3 | 4.32 | 1.44

4 | 4.46 | 1.11

5 | 4.66 | 0.93

6 | 4.79 | 0.80

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