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Looking at friends (with Apple devices) screenshots of Tiny Towers, there are small differences between the iOS version and the my version - the most obvious being star icons to indicate dream job assignments.

Roughly how far behind is the Android version? How long ago did these stars start appearing in the iOS version? And what other features is the Android version lacking?

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If the version numbers match, the iOS version is version 1.5.1 and the Android version is 1.3.6.

Here are the things that have changed in the iOS version since 1.3.1:

What's new in Tiny Tower 1.5.1: · Fixed a bug in the way completed missions are saved.

What's new in Tiny Tower 1.5:

  • NEW MISSIONS! There are now missions for you to complete from the main menu! Complete them by collecting (via stocking) the required products from the floors in your tower.
  • GIFTING! You can now gift stock to friends through the floor focus menu (use the quick sell button)!
  • Added star graphics for each floor to show the number of dream jobbers employed there.
  • Reworked sound code.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

What's new in Tiny Tower 1.4.1:

  • Fixed crashing on older devices
  • Fixed occasional startup crash
  • Reset button now visible on settings screen

What's new in Tiny Tower 1.4:

  • New floors! New costumes!
  • Share your tower on the web from the main menu!
  • Added separate settings for sounds and music.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when viewing certain neighbors.
  • Fixed a bug where Realtor VIP move-ins had the same dream job.
  • Fixed a bug causing floors to paint themselves.
  • Fixed a bug preventing shoes from changing color in dress up.
  • Increased allowed length of custom floor names.

This details what was in the Android update on January 31st:

Tiny Tower Update, new content and features added to Tiny Tower on January 31, 2012. Now you can do even more with your bitizens and tower!

So... What's new in Tiny Tower?

  • Costumes for your bitizens
  • The Bitbuilder
  • More floors added
  • Upgrading floors (adds 75 stock for each floor level upgrade), you will be able to level upgrade your floor at least 300 times.
  • Renaming floors
  • New elevator upgrade
  • Sharetower

As you can see, the Android app is quite a bit behind, as they have just added support for costumes, which the iOS app has had for a while. It also does not have the new mission system, and the star graphics (which you mentioned).

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Perfect - exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! –  Simon Scarfe Feb 21 '12 at 16:25

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