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Shao Kahn is harder in Mortal Kombat 9 than ever before. I fought and defeated him using Liu Kang using fireballs of course and staying away from him. But with Raiden he is even harder to defeat since it's like playing on Expert difficulty on Ladder Match mode.

I have tried all I can, fireballs teleports etc and I can only take away half his blood (even with the X-Ray) before he does his hard-to-dodge moves.

Can anyone share how they defeated him?

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3 Answers

Play lame; Keep your distance, teleport when he throws his hammer (block or jump over his arrows) and then do the Electric Fly (back -> toward -> Front Kick, the attack that resembles Superman flying and pushing the enemy). When he decides it's a good idea to stop attacking to taunt you, land a combo (or a Electric Fly if you don't feel confident enough to combo him). If he approaches you, keep going back until it's not possible to do it anymore, then jump and use the Electric Fly on the air to get to the other side of the stage safely.

If you can avoid the majority of his attacks, he will go down eventually, but it is quite hard.

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All you need to do to beat Shao Khan with Raiden is to teleport behind him when he throws his spears or his hammer. Once you're behind him, uppercut him repeatedly.

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Timing your atacks can let you wittle His health down it is a hard match but it can be managed (I am an awful MK player so only way i know is to be cheap),

  1. Watch his animations when he goes to throw hammer or Arrow at correct distances Raidens projectiles are faster you can spam and interrupt constantly.
  2. When Khan Taunts or is recovering from a missed attack use the flying tackle attack and Back out of khans immediate range. Dont use the screen edge as stepping to far out of range will encourage khan to change attack.
  3. Keep plugging away the difficulty seems to curb on repeated continues to make up for the fack your failing so take a deep breath and try again ^_^
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