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Is there a service that I can use to check if my machine will be able to run a certain game?

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For Windows 7 / Vista you can use the Windows Experience Index score.

Or, for a more precise estimate, you can use "Can You Run it?":

This runs as a Java Applet that will actually benchmark your system and compare it to the performance of the game.

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Wow, thanks man! That place is really good for the stuff I need! – glasnt Jul 8 '10 at 0:30
It's still my number one place to go for questions like these. It's at least a good indication of whether it will run decent or not. – Mast Feb 3 at 19:44

Demos, though increasingly rare (and massive) can be a good way to verify compatibility. Just remember that a prerelease demo may be poorly optimized compared to the final game.

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