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I had many happy (& frustrating days) playing Lords of Midnight on the C64. However I never came close to completing it. The idea seemed simple, get Morkin to destroy the Ice Crown, or get Luxor's armies together to defeat Doomdark's armies.

However the further North I got with Morkin, the more likely he was to die when fighting something stupid (and getting to the point where I was surrounded and had to fight). Meanwhile I'd be recruiting armies, and seeming quite good, but suddenly get caught out running into a seriously big enemy army and not be able to marshal my armies together to defeat them.

Did anyone out there finish this / or have any tips on how to do so? I'd consider revisiting it, but wondering if it is even possible or if it is unbeatable?

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My tips would be:

  • Send Luxor south and recruit as many lords as you can and reinforce the Citadel of Xajorkith with a dozen lords. It has to be protected to win the game!

  • Send Rorthron east as a "diplomat", recruiting!

  • Send Morkin north, with an escort; you'll recruit Lord Shadows and Lord Blood early on, so use them!

  • I use several strategic points around the map, Citadels of Gloom, Dreams and Ithrorn for protection, use these for the final assault or to snatch the ice crown!

  • After about 50-70 days, you'll wear the enemy down and be able to launch an offensive!

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haven't played and beat it yet. Thanks for the tips. I think I used to send most people East other than Morkin which meant my armies tended to get picked off. – Durathor Jan 12 '13 at 19:40

Thought I'd start answering my own question as no replies yet.

I've found the following site after lots of googling: which seems to have some good tips. I found this from the Yahoo group, which contains plenty of people who have finished the game. So it's definitely beatable. I'll have a read of the icemark site and see if the tips are good. If they are I may have to have another go at this game.

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There's a complete gameplay video at, it comes from C64 Longplays

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To answer your question: Yes, I was then able to beat Doomdark playing on the ZX Spectrum. Beating his armies and conquering the citadel of Ushgarak is really hard work, though.

It's a lot easier to destroy the Ice Crown. Send Morkin and Rothron to the northwest and recruit Farflame the Dragonlord. Farflame is a mighty one-dragon-army and can protect Morkin from most of the "stupid" enemies like wolves and even some smaller enemy armies. Lothoril and Gloom can serve as some stepping points on the way to the Tower of Doom. (Don't forget to stop at Weirdhenge, where he can get an additional day to play.) If Farflame is still alive, he can destroy the Ice Crown. If not, head back southwest to Lake Mirrow.

Here is a map of Midnight that should help you a lot.

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The game is completable in 10 days, using Farflame to destroy the Ice-Crown. If you head through the Downs of Mirrow, there is a long run of Liths which have the cup of dreams, which will allow Morkin to reach the Citadel of Gloom in just a few days, from there it's a straight run across the top of the map and through the mountains and round the back of the Tower of Doom. Use Farflame and Lord of Shadows to knock out any wolves etc, but don't attack any large armies with Farflame unless you have to. Shadows will move more slowly, but he has a head start on Morkin anyway, if he gets attacked, just move on until you reach Gloom as at that point there is only 1 army that might stop Morkin in that area.

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