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Possible Duplicate:
What happens when a vehicle is “disabled” in Battlefield 3?

I noticed sometimes that when I hit a vehicle it becomes disabled. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the HP they have left or where I hit the vehicle. Does anyone know?

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Vehicles become disabled once they drop low enough in health. I believe its in the range of 25% to 50% health.

From the help site of EA:

How do vehicles regenerate in Battlefield 3? Vehicles will regenerate up to 25% of hit points as long as they are not "disabled", but will require an Engineer to complete the repair in order to be useable. A vehicle becomes disabled after taking a certain amount of damage (different for each vehicle). Aircraft, for example, become disabled at 50% health. The vehicle continues to be "disabled" until it’s repaired to 100% hit points.

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