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Possible Duplicate:
Where to farm rank 3 Monster Materials?

I am finding that I'm running out of grade 3 monster items really fast. Does anyone know where I can go to farm some of these items?

Or better yet, is there a listing online somewhere of which items are available where?

I primarily need grade 3 organic items

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Chocolina stops selling the potent monster materials after the first grade.

Potent orbs, the all-around organic grade 3 material, can be found off of:

Buccaboos in the Archlyte Steppe -??? AF- Ghouls in Academia -400 AF- Garganzolae and Apotamkins in A Dying World -700 AF-

Potent engines, the all-around mechanical grade 3 material, can be found off of:

Flans in Augusta Tower -300 AF- Munchkins in the Bresha Ruins -300 AF-

If you're into the specialized—but lesser—monster materials, Chocolina does start selling Power Orbs, Mana Orbs, Vitality Orbs when you get to Academia -500 AF-.

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