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My old gaming headset has broken and I need a new solution for various multiplayer PC games that have voice chat.

I would prefer to use my Sennheiser HD555 headphones for sound (way better quality than any gaming headset), so I was thinking about getting some sort of usb desktop microphone instead.

How do desktop microphones compare to headsets for active gaming purposes?

I'm a bit concerned that the desktop mic will pick up extra noise compared to a headset mic.

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The quality of a headset mic has a lot to do with proximity. It stays close to your mouth while the desktop mic is stationary and relies on you keeping track of it and speaking at it.

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In my experience desktop microphones are terrible verses headsets for gaming purposes.

If you are using Sennheiser and want to keep the quality, Sennheiser does offer gaming headsets.Sennheiser PC 160 Gaming Headset for instance

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I think those little microphones attached to the shirt via a clip are quite sufficient for gaming. And they are cheap.

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Headset mikes are a lot more convenient for gaming purposes (especially if you go to LANs at all). They usually result in more consistent transmit volume too, given the fixed distance from your mouth.

Try to get one that folds away or retracts, if you do take your headset out a lot. That way you can leave it put away when not in use (and avoid poking yourself in the eye by mistake!)

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