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There is a trophy for Payday: The Heist called Federal Crime. The trophy description is:

Defeat 25 FBI agents in a row.

I am wondering if I need to get all 25 kills in one game or can I kill 15 agents in a row in one game and then 10 in a row at the start of another.

The in-game challenge section for it does not show a progress bar (which makes me think it might need to be all in one map) but since I can't check the progress I don't know if I don't have it because I accidentally killed someone else or if it needs to be done all in one game.

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I found no indications you can do this in two games, but I don't have the game to test. I did find this video guide for the trophy though. – Ktash Mar 2 '12 at 3:37
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It has to be all in one map. It's a very hard achievement on Steam. I believe less than 1% of players have it. It helps to have a friend kill the anyone who isn't an FBI agent.

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