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When playing Assassin's Creed:Recollection, whenever I tap "Versus Mode" on the manu screen, it gets to the Game Center matchmaking screen as normal and usually gives me an "estimated wait time" of around 10-20 seconds. However, when I tap "Find Players," it will wait for a few seconds and then bring me back to the menu screen, without any indication of what went wrong. Even when I try several times it always gives the same result. What is the proble, and is there anything that I can do to fix it?

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first off, what system is recollection on? ive never even heard of this game, unless your talking about revelations? secondly, multiplayer in these games requires internet, so that also begs the question, are you connected to the internet? and yes, i understand that to post on here you need the internet, but if your game isnt connecting to the ingame server, you wont be able to do multiplayer – Ravekner Mar 4 '12 at 3:33
It is an iPad game. I am connected to the internet, because the thing does come up saying that I am connected to Game Center, it's just the matchmaking part doesn't work. – Alex319 Mar 7 '12 at 6:10

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