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I can find several YouTube videos of people going through each level in LittleBigPlanet 2 showing where Prize Bubbles are located. Are there any just plain lists of where they are? I've been through some of the levels already and have only a few bubbles I still need. It would be much easier for me to have a short description of where the groups of prize bubbles are instead of having to play, pause, play, pause, skip forward, skip backwards, etc. a YouTube video trying to follow along for the one prize bubble I'm missing (not to mention having to indulge the creator's terrible sense of humor which is apparently the standard for any gaming videos on YouTube).

The closest thing I've found is on GameFAQs, but that is a full description of how to beat each level. I'd love to have just a quick sentence for each prize bubble or group of prize bubbles describing their locations. Can anyone help me out?

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Here is a full link to levels:

  • Da Vinci's Hideout
  • Victoria's Laboratory
  • The Factory of a Better Tomorrow
  • Avalonia
  • Eve's Asylum
  • The Cosmos

Hope this is what you are looking for.

It provides quick segments for each bubble and prize location once you click on the desired world.

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I've never seen one. My strategy was to play through the level once. Most of the time I could find all the prize bubbles. For those few levels with some well-hidden bubbles, I would resort to watching videos. Usually, you don't have to watch long to find the one or two you're missing.

Good luck!

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