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Did StarCraft introduce any new innovative features that had not been in previous RTS games?

This question seemed okay as a non-subjective question not asking for a list of features.

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StarCraft departed from Warcraft II in that race units weren't, more-or-less, duplicates of each other.

I'm not sure if you'd count this roshambo (paper-rock-scissors) difference as a then new innovative feature. It definitely wasn't a new concept to games in general.

The Wikipedia entry mentions:

Generally, StarCraft was received positively by critics, with many contemporary reviewers noting that while the game may not have deviated significantly from the status quo of most real-time strategy games, it was one of the best to have applied the formula.

It follows up with the fact that StarCraft was praised for the roshombo distinction between races, but I'd be careful to say it was the first to do so. It's definitely one of the most visible examples, especially within the RTS genre.

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Like most of Blizzard's work, not much originality but instead delivering a known formula polished to a mirror shine in order to attract the most customers. –  Shadur Mar 5 '12 at 9:39
It could be said that they introduced (or, at least, really raised the bar) on balancing the different races/units (via long and exhaustive beta tests, quick and sustained release of patches to correct IMBA situations, courage to make major changes when needed), especially for multilayer. Yes, there were other roshambo games before Starcraft1 (like Command & Conquer), but they were wildly unbalanced in MP: not only was one race/nation better than the other, but overall offensive capabilities were too weak as compared to the defenses, players could easily turtle each other forever, etc. –  Shivan Dragon Feb 12 '14 at 16:33

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