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Possible Duplicate:
Can the Mystery Watcher still be found?

In Arkham City I know that Azrael appears in the game as a side quest. I have compelted the game and have not found anything that could lead to me being able to initiate that quest or interact with Azrael.

How can I find Azrael and complete the related quest?

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You can meet Azrael for the first time after rescuing Catwoman right at the beginning of the game. He is present on top of a building right in front of the courthouse. Interacting with him will cause him to disappear, leaving behind a symbol on the ground. Scan it with your detective mission to begin the side quest 'The Mysterious Watcher'.

He can be found in three other locations all around Arkham City and he will leave behind symbols for you to scan. Scanning all symbols and solving a puzzle will lead you to his final location. Meet with him there to complete the quest.


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Additionally you will get the "Catch" achievement if you throw your remote controlled batarang at him from a distance. – tiddy Mar 5 '12 at 15:32

While gliding around the city, you may find him. Keep detective vision on, and look for a blue figure that is just standing, not patrolling.

Across from courthouse, on top of ferris wheel, and outside of riddlers church are good places to look.

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