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Can I complete the game just by doing the main story quests? Or do I have to do all of the side quests as well, to make sure my Hunter level is high enough for the story quests?

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Meow-Oui. Yes to the latter question, but you can skip the ones you don't like on your later playthroughs (D: Oh Air Robo GP, how I loathe thee).

All quests are mandatory, but the order you complete them in is not. The WiFi/DLC quests (already preloaded on the NA versions) are optional. There should be ~80 quests or so.

It's suppose to give you the feel for the atmosphere of the game (such as the fun dialogues).

Don't miss out on the Tail Concerto cameos!

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Argh. I hate Air Robo GP. >.< – Ashley Nunn Mar 21 '12 at 13:19

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