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I am currently in the Olympus Coliseum fighting against Cerberus. It's taking me a few tries, and it feels like the fight is pretty long.

That got me to thinking - most games I play have some sort of HP bar not only for me, the player, but also major bosses.

It doesn't look like KH has something like this, but maybe I am just missing it.

Is there any way to know how close I am to defeating a boss during a fight?

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Unlike many other games, you actually have to learn an ability in order to see the HP bars of enemies. This ability is called Scan, and after you learn it, it will cost 1 AP to use.

Depending on which playstyle you chose, you will be able to learn it at different levels.

  • If you chose the Dream Rod, you'll learn it at level 9
  • If you chose the Dream Shield, you'll learn it at level 12
  • If you chose the Dream Sword, you'll learn it at level 15

Fun fact: This skill is comparable to the Final Fantasy series' skill Libra (and is in fact called such in Japanese versions of KH), which serves the same purpose and is also a separate skill/status in many of the games.

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