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I really enjoy watching Starcraft 2 battles, and I'm currently playing Starcraft I. Is there a place where I can find good casts of Starcraft/Broodwar games?

Note: This is not about Starcraft 2, it is about the 1998 game.

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Mana, your determination is incorrect. SC:BW has been played professionally for more than a decade, there are dozens of places where casts in both English and other languages are collected and many of them have been named in the answers section. –  Decency Feb 1 '12 at 13:11

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http://www.sc2gg.com/ is a community of casters who all contributed a lot to the SC1 casting scene.

Whether or not they're high quality depends on what you're looking for. They're usually fun and entertaining, but frequently misunderstand strategies, say the wrong build order, etc. But they are the only casting community in SC1 anyway.

Many people start out watching them until they realize that the only thing sc2gg brings to the table is enthusiasm, in which case they start watching the Korean raws at http://www.youtube.com/user/nevake because the professional Korean commentators are still yet more enthusiastic, language barrier be damned.

There is one source of professional casts that's legitimately high quality though.


This is a whole tournament casted by Tasteless + Daniel. Tasteless is a professional StarCraft caster living in Korea, Day9's brother, basically the best English caster around. And Daniel is a Korean team coach, as well as hilarious, so they're very very good.

Also for the past few WCGs Tasteless and Artosis have been casting games, I don't know if there's a singular source for them but you can find them on youtube.


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There are many users who all cast on this channel, and they're all very high quality casters. Each one has his own channel as well, which you should be able to find from here.

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