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I imported my Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3. She started at level 24 or something.

Immediately, I had a ton of points to put into various abilities. I wanted to play around with the high level stuff, so I threw a bunch of points into 2 abilities. I figured I would spread out future points and even out later.

However, I've gained a few levels now and haven't actually gotten any points. This is throwing me off a bit, as my barrier is really under what it should be and I kinda want to improve my freeze ammo.

Can I expect to get more points later? Or do I need to start over if I want to redistribute my points?

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Are you sure you don't accidentally have auto-level turned on?

You should be gaining 2 points per level up through level 30, and 4 points per level thereafter.

Alternatively, you can respec.

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Dangit, Auto-Level was on. It must have switched on when I tried out Story Mode (just to see how it worked). Good to know that I can respec, thanks! – Mag Roader Mar 8 '12 at 3:12

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