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I started playing the first few plot missions in ME3 last night, and very early on I recruited Garrus. Both he and Tali survived the events of ME2 (on my save), and I believe they are both potential squadmates. They tended to round out my team in previous installments.

If I've just recruited Garrus, how far am I from recruiting Tali? If I want to recruit her as fast as possible, what should I do?

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You will be able to recruit Tali on the Priority: Rannoch mission. Which you can't do until after:

The citadel attack by Cerberus.

It will be quite a while before you can recruit Tali if you just got Garrus.

Also, take note that you may not be able to recruit her:

If you do side with the Geth on Rannoch, one of the possible outcomes she'll commit suicide. If she died in mass effect 2 during the suicide mission, and you imported your save, then she will not appear in mass effect 3.

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