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If, for example, I get Shepard to activate Cryo Ammo (which has the +50% effectiveness for squad mates) then it replaces any ammo setting they my squad mates have active. If I then switch on one of their powers (which has the same squad bonus) then it overrides Shepard's ammo setting. The two ammo types become mutually exclusive.

This is a problem because it means only the person with the last ammo type activated has it at full effectiveness, and I can't diversify.

Except for the obvious of respec'ing and avoiding the squad bonuses (so each member has to manage their own ammo types, which is what I'll do if I really have to) is there any way to avoid overriding a squad mate's ammo setting when activating one on another member that has a squad bonus?

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Only one Squad Ammo power can be active at a time. You don't need to respec everyone, just respec the people who you would rather have using ammunition other than Squad Ammo.

But no, there's no other way around this.

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Damn, thought that would be the case, so thanks for the confirmation. Oh well, guess I'll need to have a tweak of people's skill sets at some point... – DMA57361 Mar 10 '12 at 21:19

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