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The Shroud sabotage has been revealed to me. When should I mention it, or should I keep quiet?

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Depends. Do you want to cure the Genophage? If yes, then blab about it all the time. The first time you try you will be interrupted, but still get Paragon points. If you do not want to cure the Genophage, keep mum.


Not revealing the sabotage will let you keep Mordin from dying, but Wrex will attack you. Curing the Genophage will result in a heroic death for Mordin.

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Your first attempt to discuss the Genophage is interrupted by turbulence. Your second attempt (in front of Eve and Wreav) will generate many Paragon points.

I found when speaking in front of Wreav he says something about "remembering this". Not sure what impact that had, so I waited until speaking with Mordin to inform him, because I do not trust Wreav.

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Ultimately the Salarians get scared and commit their fleets and resources anyway down the road so...

If you sabotage the cure, then later in the game you're forced to kill Wrex since he knows what you did. This will result in you losing the Krogan war assets and support so.

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That really depends on the motivations of your character.

The first time I was prompted to mention it, I did, but I was interrupted before actually saying anything.

The second time I was prompted to mention it, I did, and...

Both Wrex (he is alive for me) and Eve were very happy that I told them, and said they would know if it hadn't worked. Mordin said that they wouldn't know since everything would appear to be fine, but that he could fix it. In order for Mordin to fix it, he had to go to the top of the Shroud while it was exploding. He sacrificed his life in order to distribute the cure.

I'm not exactly sure what happens if you do sabotage the cure and don't mention it. This question (possible spoilers in title) mentions some outcomes of that.

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Well, first off, is it your intent to cure the genophage, or do you want to go along with the Salarians plan?

If it's your intent to cure the Genophage, you can reveal it whenever you want. The earlier you do, the more Paragon points you can earn along the way.

If it's your intent to sabotage the cure, then the key is to not reveal the sabotage to Eve while riding in the truck after the first battle of the mission. You can start to try on the dropship if you want the paragon points, but so long as you don't tell Eve, you can continue to sabotage the cure.

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I got through this part and the way I did it was just not say a damn thing. Every body kept asking me what was wrong and I kept shrugging it off. Eventually Mordin detects a temperature change and at this point I told him about the sabotage and told him I was wrong... where he eventually asks me why, and I responded with something along the lines of, "It should be your choice." At which point he decides to sacrifice himself and thanks you for the option. which I thought was a lot better than what everyone else seems to have gotten.

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Better how? It gets you less Paragon points. Sacrificing himself is still Mordin's choice if you reveal the sabotage earlier. – bwarner Apr 6 '12 at 12:00

There are plenty of outcomes here. Obviously you can cure the genophage which is all nice cupcakes and rainbows but in times of war you need to do what's hard and assure multiple allies. To that end the best thing to do is to allow the sabotage.

When you are in the final talk with Mordin you can try and delay him (wont work) or you can tell him of the sabotage. If you stick to the 'evil' plan but don't have enough renegade or paragon points you will only have two options "I'm not stopping you" or "I will stop you". If you do have enough renegade points, avoid using the renegade interrupt and instead choose "I will stop you". A renegade prompt appears allowing you to shoot Mordin in the back and prevent him from curing the genophage.

This causes the Krogan to believe they are cured and the Salarians happy because there will not be a Krogan uprising. This nets you two more armies for your fight against the Reapers.

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