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The official Prima guide notes that if Shepard purchased a Prejek Paddle Fish in ME2, and kept it alive all the way through to the end of ME3, that when starting a New Game+, there would be a special additional Intel bonus available at the terminal in Liara's cabin aboard the Normandy.

I don't have a save available in which I could convince Kelly to feed my fish for me, and thus, all of my ME2 fish are now Krogan food. What is the reward for keeping my finned friend alive?

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According to the screenshots in this BioWare forum post (and mentioned in another thread, by another player), the reward is a 10% power or weapon damage bonus.

The intel is listed as "Prejek Paddlefish" in the terminal, and has the following description:

This fish is a rare and valuable subspecies of the prejek paddlefish, prized for its rich and savory flavor. The breed is endangered, and a member of the Hanar Illuminated Primacy is offering a choice of rewards in exchange for the fish.

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I may award my bounty in 23 hours. – LessPop_MoreFizz Mar 13 '12 at 19:35

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