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I was playing Guns of Icarus and followed a route all the way to the "Into The Breach" level. But that level seems to be a never-ending survival one.

Is there any way to actually finish the game? Is there any ending of some sort?

Game map showing all possible routes (levels), and showing my route (following the easiest path) to the final level.

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Perhaps unfortunately, there is not an ending to the story. I have played the game, and Into the Breach is meant to be the final apocalyptic mission. It's your suicide mission into the pirates, and does not end until you die; you just try to accumulate a high score.

If you're looking for references, this review calls Into the Breach "survival mode" which is just what I have described above. This survival mission is also the end goal of the game. Everything else is just a build up to upgrade your ship in preparation.

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