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I wanted to win a science victory right after winning a cultural victory. To win a science victory, I have to build a bunch of spaceship parts and move them to my capital, where they are assembled. Thing is, I can't stack units, so either the spaceship parts can't move to the capital if there is another part there, or they just switch spots. Is this normal, or it is a bug?

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To construct the spaceship, whenever you move a spaceship module to the capital, you need to choose the option to "add" it to the spaceship. The module will disappear and your spaceship will receive it (if it's the first module you add, a 3D model of a spaceship will also appear near the city). This option should be listed at the command bar on the left, just like other unit options.

However, you cannot add modules to the spaceship if one of these applies:

  1. Another civilization has already completed a spaceship
  2. You have manually disabled the "science victory" option when you set up the game
  3. You have already won the game in some other way

As you can see, the 3rd case above applies to you. I'm afraid you cannot conquer the stars in this game... you have no choice but to start another :) enjoy your all-nighter!

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the only way i can think of would be to launch the starship first, then win the culture victory while the ship is in transit, thus winning by both means. I have personally done this, btw.

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Victory in Civ V occurs when the spaceship is launched. Not on arrival. You're thinking of a previous Civ game. –  Radhil Feb 21 at 23:32
This answer is incorrect. Im not sure how you could have personally done this. –  Ben Craig Feb 22 at 0:13

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