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Does firing from behind cover affect weapon accuracy? I can see this going either way from a "real-life" standpoint. I can see the accuracy increasing and recoil decreasing due to stability provided by a hard slab of material to rest your arms and weapon against. I can also see the accuracy decreasing and recoil increasing due to the awkwardness of posture and the abruptness of popping out of cover to quickly fire off rounds.

Is this aspect of combat documented anywhere, or has anyone conducted related experiments?

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While behind cover accuracy increases, and recoil decreases.

For these reasons, it's always better to fire from behind cover if your enemy is at mid-long range, even with shotguns.

Some weapons are actually really unwieldy if not fired from behind cover due to their extreme recoil (particularly a few smg's).

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what he said... – Paralytic Mar 15 '12 at 7:36

Yes, you will find an increase in accuracy, and more controllable recoil. Firing from cover will be more effective and is reccomended with any weapon. Tested on xbox.

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