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In multiplayer, you can unlock a Krogan. The Krogan has a special melee where he charges, but this leaves him quite vulnerable.

What are some efficient ways to play as a Krogan? Should one focus on powers over weapons? How should one use a Krogan in Silver and Gold?

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The Krogan Sentinel and Solider are considered "rare" items for a reason. Their unique Krogan abilities are a charging melee and rage.

Rage is an ability that triggers when the krogan performs 2 successful melee kills within 30 seconds. this grants the krogan increased protection for 30 seconds. this effect can be renewed for each additional melee kill within the next 30 seconds.

Combining this with Tech Armor (Sentinel) or Fortification (Solider) allows the Krogan to become a bullet sponge tank. The power cool down penalty has less of an impact on a melee heavy game play strategy. That being said focus on weapons over powers. Finally, the Tech Armor explosion helps minimize the melee vulnerability.

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after playing around with a krogan soldier for a while, I have to add that rage + fortification (with all the proper defense choices) definitely does not make you invincible on silver or gold :P – l I Mar 20 '12 at 14:17

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