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Zaeed was part of my team in ME2 & all of my team members made it out alive from the suicide mission.

I ran in to Zaeed later at the Volus diplomat's quest & during the subsequent attack, Zaeed was killed. However, his name isn't listed in the dead list

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It seems to be just a bug, and not related to either DLC character:

enter image description here

For some reason they forgot Zaeed, but Kasumi still appears (circled above).

However, if Zaeed wasn't loyal to the mission, he will die saving Korlack. Oddly enough, he won't appear on the memorial wall on the crew deck, although Joker will mention him as a casualty before launching the last mission.


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cool, thanks for the link to back it up. – Sathya Mar 17 '12 at 15:07

My guess is since Zaeed is a DLC character (ME2 Cerberus network), he just wasn't included in the base ME3 memorial wall code.

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