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I know there's a "failed Medi-Gel Experiment" somewhere during the "N7: Cerberus Labs", but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Where is the failed experiment located in the level? I'm trying to kick off the related quest; I just need to find the starting point first.

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The medi-gel is located at the end of a corridor on the right on the upper floor, on a console.

enter image description here

You can watch the mission walk through here (medi gel around 8:30), or the short version here

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It is located on one of the consoles on the topmost level. Accessing it like any other console will give you the Medi-Gel experiment.

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Depending on which route you take, you'll probably pass it to get to the second Prothean artifact. I actually thought it may have been a third Prothean artifact that I may have had to pick up. If memory serves me, when you leave the drop zone, go right, and then left, and it will be in a sort of control room on your right. – RESPAWN Mar 15 '12 at 18:24

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