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In the ME3 multiplayer lobby, I've seen some people list Battlefield 3 instead as their race. How do you obtain this? Is there any other perks other than the name change?

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You have to log in to Origin with an account that has an activated Battlefield 3 Online Pass, and the pack is only for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of ME3. From the Mass Effect Wiki:

Battlefield 3 Pack (Free, single-use) - Unlock your Battlefield 3 Limited Edition soldier! A kit containing items with an aesthetic inspired by Battlefield 3. Requires that the player signs in to Mass Effect 3 with an Origin account linked to a Battlefield 3 Online Pass. (PC and Xbox 360 only)

The Battlefield 3 "race" is mostly a Human Soldier with the power Carnage instead of Concussive Shot. Full list of Powers at the Wiki, aside from the obvious cosmetic differences.

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I believe they must have changed or lifted those exclusives, because I have never played any Battlefield and I use a PS3, and I unlocked the Battlefield 3 soldier with a veteran pack yesterday. I don't see what the big deal is -- it's kind of a mediocre class.

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