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Looking over the color shop, I can see some color are available in different packs, for example both the fall package and the holiday package contains the same shade of yellow, which is included in the shades of yellow pack as well. If I want to minimize the coins spent and still buy all available colors, which packs should do I choose? which packs are available in separate packs? Can I still buy a color pack even if I have all it's colors from different packs or does it automatically count as "unlocked"?

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I have purchased 2 packs with the coins I have earned, so I can understand what you mean as I have 2 yellow colors overlapping. There are many colors within the packages shown below that you can barely notice any tint difference in play.

It is completely up to you in the end which packages you would like and which tints or variations you would like to enjoy the game to its fullest, but my recommendation would be: Holiday package and the Mardi Gras package. Both packages + the original set give you the main set of colors required to illustrate a proper, defined picture.

My reasoning:

Between the Mardi Gras package + the holiday package + original set you gain:

  • Red[removes red scale package, half of fall package, part of neon package]
  • Purple [removes spring and neon package]
  • (2 different tints of) blue[removes bluescale package, part of spring package, beach package]
  • Green [ neon package ]
  • Yellow [removes fall package (see brown below), part of spring package]
  • brown [removes fall package, ice cream package]
  • Different shades of black - gray[removes grayscale package].

The reasoning above accesses every package (besides minor differences in the shade packages).

Sidenote: I wouldn't bother with the shade packages at all.

Take a look at the screens I have provided below.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I'll wait a couple of few days so someone else will have the chance to details exactly which color packs overlap and which are the minimum to get, if not, I'll accept your answer –  JohnoBoy Mar 17 '12 at 20:20
@JohnoBoy Anytime. Hope it helped :) –  Zero Stack Mar 20 '12 at 15:17

I would get the spring package first since that way you get a green, orange and purple all at once leaving you with access to all primary and secondary colors with just one package... Then the ice cream package so you have a brown and a pink (I had to draw Kirby today without pink...)

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Mardi gras and spring are my choices. Mardi gras is the first you need, IMO. Brown, grey, purple, green, orange. All super vital. Spring is good because of the pink. Maybe I'll try holiday too.

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