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Can I buy a Blizzard game (Diablo III, Starcraft 2, or WoW suscriptions) for another Battle.net account?

I'm thinking about gifting a game, and I was wondering if there was a similar process as you can do it in Steam.

If it is possible, how is it done? Do I have to enter the recipients email address somewhere upon checkout and then he can redeem it?

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Yes from the blizzard support page:

Can I designate an item as a gift?

In regards to Blizzard's game titles, you can only designate Digital Downloads as gifts. Doing so will send a transferable authentication key to your email address for you to give to someone at your discretion. For other products that you wish to gift to someone, simply add their address to your Address Book and send the order there.

The same goes for WoW subscriptions

Can I purchase World of Warcraft game time on the Blizzard Store?

Yes, World of Warcraft game time can be purchased in several different time increments. When you make this purchase, you will receive an email with a code for the game time and instructions on redeeming the time at the World of Warcraft Account Management website. You can gift this game time to someone else if you wish by simply providing them the game code.

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Battle.net says that you can very ambiguously. I haven't found any interface to send any game as a digital download gift that includes classic games, newer titles and games I do not own. Nowhere in the purchase interface does the word "gift" appear.

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the answer is no. sure the FAQ on their website says you can do it, but you actually can't. If you already own the game on your own account, there is no way to digitally buy the game through battle.net. and if you don't own the game, there is no step during the checkout process to designate the item as a gift. It's supposed to work, but in reality it doesn't.

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Your answer is very different from the accepted one. Can you provide a source for this? –  Michel Dec 7 '12 at 12:18

I tried to send heart of the swarm to a friend. There is no way to do it on battle.net. You need to buy from another place and send the key.

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That's probably because HoTS came out this week. They probably haven't implemented a gift option for it yet. –  leety Mar 14 '13 at 18:00

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