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So I saw that I'm getting a XP bonus on the mission select screen:

Mission Select

I guess the XP bonus is from having Unknown selected, but are there other kinds of XP bonuses that I can get in multiplayer?

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There sure are!

XP is just the sum total of every players score, so the more you (as a team) score, the more XP you'll receive!

I'm going to quote myself here:

Individual Achievements

These show up on the end of match results screen, and are worth varying amounts of score. Every medal has differing values of Bronze, Silver and Gold, and the point values scale linearly with weapon kill medals, and geometrically with everything else. This means that getting 25 kills with a pistol and 50 kills with an assault rifle nets the exact same point bonus as getting 75 kills with an assault rifle, but getting 10 headshots and 1 grab is worth less than getting 20 headshots.

Team Achievements

Some medals are awarded team wide. Mission completion and extraction bonuses, for instance, as well as going a certain number of waves without losing a squadmate. Like the individual achievements, these come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

To get your score, the game simply adds all these up.

(A more complete listing is available here.)

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You also get a 5% bonus to XP for all matches that you complete while your galactic readiness is maxed out at 100%.

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