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Is there any challenge/title/emblem that you get for kills with a fixed gun emplacement like the ones found on Bakara or Liberation? In previous games there was, but I've gotten a 5+ killstreak, and it seems like there was no benefit.

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Yes. The MG Master challenge makes a return, in the last set of unlocked challenges. It requires a 5-kill streak with the mounted miniguns. You might not be able to complete the challenge before unlocking it at level 70.

You're lucky to be playing on a console. We PC players only get the machine gun on Bakara to attempt that challenge with... :(

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Ahh... I see now why I didn't get it. Miserable level issue. I'm on like my 4th prestige, but I don't really like hanging around at 70+. I must have been in the lower levels. Thanks for answering, now at least I know I'm not crazy. – EBongo Apr 9 '12 at 4:19

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