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Possible Duplicate:
Will Jordis the Sword-Maiden ever use the bow that I made for her?

I have a new companion, but I had the bug with Sven also. I'm now using Mjoll, and I gave her my old Glass Bow, and she uses a bow, but it always shows up as a wooden hunting bow.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I've tried taking it out of her inventory, putting it back in etc, without any change.

I should also say that the glass bow is the only bow in her inventory. I guess it's using the Glass Bow stats, but is bugged visually?

enter image description here

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This answer to my similar question may help:

... followers who start with any kind of bow in their inventory are bugged so that placing a different bow in their inventory will have no effect. It may look as if they equipped the new bow, but the follower will switch back to their default bow as soon as combat starts, even if that bow was removed from their inventory.

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I don't recall Mjoll starting with a bow though. I guess it's just a bug in the game, how frustrating. I guess I'll archive that glass bow then. Or will they have no bow if there isn't one in their inventory? – David Yell Mar 18 '12 at 11:45

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