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In the Sazh: Heads or Tails? DLC, you need to get 30 medals in order to complete the main quest. I got those medals via the poker mini-game before realizing you can get three from completing a mini-quest for Chocolina.

I completed the mini-quest, and now the game says that Chocolina doesn't have anything for me now, but that I should continue playing card games and check back later.

Does she actually have something, or is this just a cue for people who still need more medals? If she does have something, did I miss out by not completing the quest at the appropriate time (before completing the main quest)?

If not, how many card games should I play before checking back?

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AFAIK, you didn't miss out on anything. Did you find out in the end if she did have something for you? – Glen Wheeler Mar 26 '12 at 8:17
@GlenWheeler I've been wrapped up in work and haven't been able to play. Keep meaning to revisit this question as it's earned me a Tumbleweed badge :P – user3389 Mar 27 '12 at 23:29
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If you get this message when talking to Chocolina, there's more to her story and she does have more for you.

To test this, I closed the gate and restarted the DLC. Before winning any medals at the card tables, I went to see Chocolina and completed the three chocobo chick fetch quest she had: haughty, hermit, and manic. As before, once complete, she just smiled and I got the dialog saying she didn't have anything for me right now.

I then went and played an entire game of Texas Hold'em, got a few dozen medals, and visited her again. This time, she had two new chocobo chick fetch quests: lovebird and conniving.

Once you collect this second round of chocobo chicks, she'll ask you a trivia question about all the chicks. If answered correctly, there'll be a cut scene where Chocolina explains more about herself. Afterwards, talking to her will give you the option of having the chocobo chicks follow you around while in Serendipity.

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I do believe I have been stuck in your boat as well, but after a couple minutes of searching I found a review that (possibly) explains everything.

According to this particular link (and forums) all you can possibly get is that little twist of the story that the DLC has to offer. I myself am quite pleased with how it ended, though I am somewhat disappointed that you couldn't get anything else from Chocolina after finishing her mini-quest (which nets you those few coins). Hope this sums things up for you bud! I know it did for me :P

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And of course there's that little twist with Chocolina, but I'm sure no one cares about that too much. – Linkus2323 Mar 28 '12 at 13:42

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