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I recall there one being 'beefsteakjimmies' but that's the only one I can remember. What are all of the codes and what do they give you in the game?

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This could be easily found online through a search portal – TankorSmash Dec 15 '14 at 17:27
@TankorSmash and now it can even more easily be found – Joe Philllips Dec 16 '14 at 6:26
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I think you mean CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S.

Here are a list of all the cheats taken from GameFAQs:

  • CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S: +1000 Food
  • ROBIN HOOD: +1000 Gold
  • ROCK ON: +1000 Stone
  • LUMBERJACK: +1000 Wood
  • NATURAL WONDERS: Control nature (lose control of men)
  • RESIGN: Defeat yourself
  • BLACK DEATH: Destroy all the enemies
  • WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY: Destroy yourself
  • FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY: Get a Furious Monkey Boy
  • HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON: Gives a 'cobra' car
  • TO SMITHEREENS: Gives a saboteur
  • AEGIS: Immediate Building
  • TORPEDOx: Kills opponent x
  • POLO: Remove Shadow
  • MARCO: Reveal Map
  • WOOF WOOF: Turns birds into super dogs
  • I R WINNER: Victory
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You should re do the presentation of this. And maybe add how to enter those code in game. – Mushu Jul 8 '10 at 0:45
@MarmouCorp, you're right, sorry. The preview actually looked nothing like how it appeared. Is there a way to display it in a table format? – Brandon Jul 8 '10 at 0:47
I don't think it's possible to display tables, but maybe if you put the code before the effect with a separator like ' : ' it would be enough ? – Mushu Jul 8 '10 at 1:53
@MarmouCorp, good idea. Done :) – Brandon Jul 8 '10 at 2:27
"FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY" only works in AoE2 Conquerors – deps_stats May 27 '11 at 16:47

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