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I'm currently playing Fallout 1 once more and decided to not pick up skills which I'm calling "standard set". Before I was always picking speech + two from small/big/energy weapons. Now I've decided to choose a prepared character - Natalia Dubrovhsky. She has Sneak, Steal and Unarmed as tag skills. I know Fallout 2 has many improvements for unarmed fight but Fallout 1 does not. But I can still use targeted attacks.

Is it possible to finish Fallout 1 with some diplomatic/thief character? What would be the best strategy for this?

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It depends as what you class Unarmed as. You can use the Powerfist as an unarmed weapon but then in a literal view its not unarmed. Essentially, it is very possible as I myself have done it and know of others that have to.

There is also a perk you can at around Level 18 which makes all unarmed attacks critical. However, before getting the powerfist, it really is such a grind to be able to deal with things, but its exactly that, a challenge.

Once you have these two though, the game is very, very completable.

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Yes, I'm keeping powerfist as unarmed weapon. But there you still need to play enough until you'll find one :-) –  Pawka Mar 19 '12 at 16:41
@Pawka it's challenging, my advice would be to avoid Deathclaws until you have this. And even then... –  jumping_code Mar 19 '12 at 17:00
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