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How do I get to use the Collector Assault Rifle? I had it in ME2 and I kinda like the look of it :)

enter image description here

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The Collector Assault Rifle is unfortunately not directly present in the game.

If you are preordering The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, or if you buy a Mass Effect 3-branded Razer gaming accessory, you will get a code that will unlock you this weapon, but only in the Multiplayer game.

Source: Mass effect Wikia

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Thanks for the hint! I hadn't realized that! – Gh0sT Mar 21 '12 at 8:19
Your Welcome! Good Luck in the last furlong to travel!! – AdrieanKhisbe Mar 22 '12 at 23:07

You can make changes to your save file using ''gibbed me3 save editor'' download here so that the collector rifle is available in single player too:

  1. open a save file with editor

  2. select the raw tab

  3. navigate down to / - 4. Plot /Player variables, and click little square button ... on the right of (Collection). a new window will pop-up.

  4. press Add. look to the right at the table with two rows.

  5. paste this into the Name field: SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Collector

  6. change the nubmer zero in Value field to: 1

  7. press Add to add one more entry

  8. paste this into the Name field: SFXGameContent.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle_Collector.Flags

  9. change the nubmer zero in Value field to: 1

  10. click OK and the window closes

  11. save the changes to a new savegamefile by clicking save at the top icon bar.

Launch game, load the new save and play with collector!

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