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"Who" is a canceled video game by Mikeinel, the same guy who did the awesome Draw With Me video.

Mikeinel also several short games, "Which", "Why", "Where", and "How".

Question : Is there any way to play "Who" ? Perhaps as an Easter Egg inside one of his short games?

Screenshot from "Who", the canceled game in question


MikeInel's other, slightly creepy, short games, "Which", "Why", "Where", "How"

Which Why Where How

Still from MikeInel's "Draw With Me", the theme featured in "Who"

Draw With Me

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This thread (specifically, the first post by Mike Inel himself on the second page) suggests that there may be hope for you to play Who sometime in the distant future.

Development-wise, "Who" became too hard to work on. It's not entirely cancelled, i'm just delaying it... A lot... (I'm not sure when to continue, lol)

However, he has not as of yet released it in any shape or form, neither as a demo nor as an easter egg inside any of his other games.

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