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Is there a way to dictate which way the ball will swing if you overhit (making the swing meter go red) the ball in Wii Golf?

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My guess is you can't... It seems to me that it's completely random – I.G. Pascual Mar 22 '12 at 13:30
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I have done this many times before to hook around certain objects while playing. It is tricky but do-able. To control the over powered hook, the meter will sway the direction of where your hand leaves off. Therefore, if you intentionally over power your shot, but obviously hook your arm to the left - the meter will sway to the left. (Same concept if you want to hook right). This works 95% of the time for myself, your results may vary.

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The swing is not random. In fact, there is a way to make it always hook right if that's what you want. I do it by holding the wiimote completely in an upright position in my hand and shaking it violently around in a clockwise motion. It always goes right hook this way and it helps you in many situations. However, it doesn't go left in you shake it counter-clockwise...

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The point of the overhit is to trade accuracy for power. In my experience, the more power you use, the more the bar wobbles. So if you barely break past "max" power, it barely wobbles. But if you really hammer that ball, the wobble gets really big. And the ball will arc in the direction of the wobble.

To answer your question, I don't know of any way to dictate which way the swing meter will wobble. Angling the Wiimote will add an arc to the left or right, so you can make a guess which way it will wobble, and angle the wiimote the other way to compensate. But if you guess wrong, you'll be exacerbating the angle.

If you're going for best score, your best bet is to use slightly more power than the swing meter. This doesn't come with very large accuracy penalties, but get the ball a bit further. Or, in case you're not using the 1W, switch up to a different club, and use less power.

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