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Possible Duplicate:
How to reach 100% total destruction with the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds?

Using a Space Eagle, the scoring on a level changes from points to a percentage of a feather. It's unclear to me exactly how the scoring mechanism changes. With the few Space Eagles I've received, I ran 5 tests and got varying results on Level 1-1.

  • I destroyed everything: the bird, and the 3 pieces of wood, and received an 88%
  • Again, I destroyed everything and received a 91%
  • Next, I destroyed all but 1 piece of wood and received an 81%.
  • Next, I destroyed everything and received a 92%
  • Lastly, I circled the planet one time, then activated the power, and destroyed all but 2 pieces of wood, and received a 79%.

It seems that destroying more things will result in a higher percentage, but when you destroy everything, what is left to reach 100%? How is the percentage calculated, and what exactly is affecting the changes in percentage when destroying all items? Is there a consistent way to achieve 100% on levels?

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This sounds exactly like the way the eagle works in the other games, relevant portion bolded:

[T]here is a "4-stars" score for each level, invisible to you. [...] You have to reach that score with the eagle to get 100%. The percentage of that score you get is the percentage shown to you. Note that just like with regular scores, how the bricks fall affects the points/percentage you get, and not just how much you destroy.

Note also that you can destroy things with the regular birds first before using the eagle, which can sometimes lead to a better outcome.

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