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Does Karthus's passive kick in before or after Yorick's ultimate goes off? Or does the Death Defied work both times that Karthus "dies"?

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In a patch a few months ago they established an order of operations for all of the post-death effects. I'll try to find it and link it here, but I know that these 2 effects occur in this order:

  1. Karthus is ulted by Yorick and dies
  2. Karthus gets to run around as Yoricks Ghost
  3. Karthus passive kicks in and he can cast spells but not move


I can only find a link to the Riot patch where they define the order for death preventing effects.

On the LeagueOfLegends Wikia, we have an order defined for after-death effects which appears accurate to me.

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It'd be nice to get the order of operations for all the post-death effects, but thanks for the info so far! – ZeroCardinality Mar 24 '12 at 17:21

Yorick ult will come first so that Karthus gets a few extra seconds of being alive before he dies and enters Lich Form.

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