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What is the safest role to first pick in tournament draft mode? Would the role be support role, I see a lot of Janna Firstpicks? If not, What Champion, Why?

i.e. least likely to be countered

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Welcome to Gaming.SE. As it stands, "safest" is a little vague. Could you maybe edit your question to expand a little on what you mean by "safest"? –  Ktash Mar 25 '12 at 0:21

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Support is a really safe first pick because it's one of the roles that cannot be easily countered. There are no "true" support counterpicks, but there are preferences.

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The safest first pick (barring any OP champs) is a multi-role or multi-lane champion, to avoid giving as much information as possible to your opponent.

For instance, warwick, udyr, shyvana can all jungle or lane top, so this gives less information, making it "safer".

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Support, you cant really get countered when you do. So you can counter their picks

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There are no safe picks, the other team if they are good enough will always pick something to counter the first pick champ. However a good amount of players have a set champion or a select group on their mind to play and will ignore the other team. If you have first pick, don't pick a champion that you aren't good with and pick a champion that you know how to handle counters against your champion.

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