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On the chapter select screen the ones I've finished are marked with a laurel wreath. Some of them are gold; some of them are green. It doesn't seem to be based on score (or at least not consistent across levels) or intensity; I thought it might be based on dying vs. not dying but my wife says she didn't die on some levels where she has green.

What decides if I get a gold wreath or a green one?

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I do not know for sure, but for every one of mine that's gold I have gathered every treasure in that chapter.

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Yah the wreaths represent if you've opened every treasure chest, gone through all intensity gates, and found every zodiac item. Only then will the wreath be gold.

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This is confirmed by HeartBlade's walkthrough "=Gold Wreath Requirements= -Open all chests (trapped ones included) -All intensity gates explored (if available) -Zodiac Weapon acquired (if available)" – skovacs1 May 14 '12 at 6:16

It is in fact collecting every item in the level. This also makes the percentage for your file go up. At least one level requires a difficulty of 9.0, so this is not an easy feat for every level. Good luck to you and your quest for golden wreaths. I wish everyone luck including myself on that haha.

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