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Jungling isn't viable for my level yet (no runes/barely any masteries = slow clear times = low level and no gold.) I know its unorthodox but I wanna try Nocturne.

Is it viable to play Nocturne in lane? If so, what items should I prioritize and what problems am I likely to run into? How should I prioritize my skills?

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Lanturn is not very common, he was basically built to jungle. –  Emerica. May 14 '12 at 17:23
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Read this guide

Although I personally don't recommend lane nocturne as much as jungle because only his Q is ranged. Nocturne is a very effective jungler, however. The guide above is a very good guide - I have used it before and it does work well.

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For Masteries, you should start with offensive. For a build, I think you should start with boots and 3 HP potions or 1 ward + 1 potions so that you can place it in the brush at the river. :) That way you won't be ganked.

Then from there try to take every creep so that you collect the money quickly. Then it depends with what hero you are in lane 1v1. ;)

Do Wrigles lantern. It's nice because it raises your stats and you get 75 gold for wards. ;) Then you shoud do Atack speed - Damage and Lifesteal items - for fast kills.

For an assassin like Nocturn, it's nice to make Frozen mallet for the slow effect. From there you should look at what type of Resists you need. If its Armor you need, you do Armor items or little more HP (Health Points). If you die fast from Ability power, do little magic resists. But if you don't push yourself, you will never find what you need. :)

Do many games with Nocturn and you will learn my friend :)

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I would not recommend laning with Nocturn at all. He has only 1 ranged ability (his Q) and his mana costs are too high to be able to use it frequently. This means that any champion with range (either ranged attack or a more spammable ranged ability) will simply zone him from the creep wave. Additionally, even if you are able to farm safely without getting zoned, Nocturn's passive will often force the lane to push which will expose you to possible ganks from the enemy jungler.

In order to lane with him, you would have to get a lot of mana regen which leads to a very poor late game build.

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use offensive masteries as far physical damage possible, and armor/magic resist/lifesteal runes if you have them. build wriggles lantern, yoomus ghostblade and then warmogs atmas impaler/bloodthirster, the typical bruiser ad setup. it works quite well.

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